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[Things have gone down-- and Len's not up yet either! While normally it wouldn't take him too long to reboot after a system crash like that, the earlier heat prevented him from doing it safely]


[...looks like he's cooled down enough now]
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[Continued from this thread-- So, one day Len one day found himself in a completely different world! Luckily for him, he ran into a Kaito from the VDR he gets along very well with. Both have been having a pretty eventful day and are currently trying to figure out the mystery of a 'talking' tree]

Would t-- there be a book in the library? For tree, um, language?

[does this world have a library? is it like the Dressing Room library?]

((OOC: Time-bendy as heck as Len's being remarkable well-adjusted here and there's no TaT Plot in sight))
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[It's another hot summer day and Len is once more moping about indoors. He's taken a break from cleaning (again) to thumb through a book he found. It's not very interesting.

He really misses the library. there were many more books there! Wait, thinking that is wrong, isn't it?

He's so bad at being a good Len...]
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[This afternoon finds Len sitting on a soft comfortable chair by a window in one of the upper floors of the mansion. The Vocaloid is watching a summer storm rage on outside and barely paying attention to the fact his eyes are watering again.

It's been so long since he's joined his new family and they've been so kind to him. Kinder than he deserves.

...So why does he feel so sad all the time?]
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[Fresh off this thread, Len is wandering around the area where he could swear the mansion was. He doesn't have a nifty GPS like some robots, but he actually is pretty good at finding his way around...

So where is his home?]
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[It's been several days since the VDR returned to normal post the Madness Event, and Len has been spending those days at the Trick and Treat Twins' mansion. Len's been pretty quiet the entire time, not even making an attempt to leave. He's barely gone outside even, and when he does it's just to charge.

That's what he's doing right now, in fact. Just sitting by the front door and staring down at the grass as he tries to get a few more percents onto his battery]

((OOC: Backdated to shortly after the event, and pre him meeting Lily]
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[It's been over a while since Len's been in the Dressing Room proper or seen any of his friends and acquaintances. Rini and the TaT!twins aside, of course. But then again, they are family now, right?

Anyways, Len's feeling a little better today-- no bad dreams-- so he's decided to take a walk. He does like being outside and it makes it easier to charge too. He was trying to stay on mansion grounds, but without knowing it he ended up leaving them.

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[Early spring means its been pretty dark, gloomy, and rainy lately-- in fact, it's been over a week since there was a clear day! Even with the umbrella he got after Miku taught him about them in the library, it's really been far too nasty for Len to go out and about.

So today finds him once more holed up in the station, looking strangely sedate and practically plastered up against a window]
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[It's the middle of the night in the VDR Police Station, but this Len-- who is here rather than at the bus tonight-- is still up. Strange!

He's sitting in the lobby, sipping some herbal tea carefully and lost in thought]
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[Soooo, this one time, Imitator!Len actually did make it to the library [though he doesn't know who the 'librarian' is yet...] ...mostly because it was a combination of rainy and snowy out, and he didn't like what it did to his clothing or running back to the bus to change (again).

As he is standing by the shelves, trying to figure out how everything is sorted and what to look for, he notices a familiar face...]
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Thanks so much, [livejournal.com profile] derederejava ! This is too cute!


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[As is happening more and more often since the day they met, Len and Rin are meeting to go have some tea at a small cafe]
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