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Name:Len (Imitator AU, Other AUs)
This Kagamine Len is from the song 'Imitator', which is about a Vocaloid!Len who is neither human nor android, but quite literally a Vocaloid program. Like real life! He slowly gained a heart, soul, emotions, and awareness by singing songs, and hopelessly sung in hopes that someone out there will realize that even without a body, he too is 'alive'. He was also apparently very lonely and despairing... and for good reason: He wished to become a human and leave the place he was trapped in, but of course there is no way for a computer program to do that!

Or was there?

Luckily for poor Len, one day he... like many before him... got pulled into the 'Dressing Room', a world where various worlds (all related to Vocaloids, their songs, and the UTAUs) merged. Somehow, in the process he got himself a body... something even he doesn't understand but certainly feels very very grateful for. Even if it's not human, it's close enough, and he's hardly alone in the DR being an android/robot.

Now the poor kid wanders around, trying to learn more about the world and himself. But the VDR isn't exactly the most sane or safe place to learn such things...

Journal used to play other AUs in Museboxes and Memes, so above Bio is not always accurate! Player is an adult.

Interests (14):

avoiding ghosts, becoming human, eating bananas, exploring, keytar, learning, meeting new people, reading, rin, rins, singing, sweets, tea, the candy is people
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