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[ profile] maxedstats: The second person Len ever met, and the first to show him kindness. BD!Miku has been letting Len stay in the police station, which she's in charge of. She seems to be somewhat fond and protective of him, and often teaches him new things. She even introduced him to banana splits!

[ profile] bottledawish: This Regret Message Rin is very dear to Len, filling a close friend/caring big sister role in his life. She introduced him to tea, gives him advice, and is very understanding and helpful when it comes to teaching him new things. He adores her very much!

[ profile] was_no_miracle: FrankenKaito is his best friend's cool and kind older brother and a police officer too! Len really looks up to him and trusts him. Kaito seems to be vaguely big brother in his interactions with Len too and often helps him out and teaches him new things.

[ profile] onecoolashcat: Len's room-mate at the police station. A fellow homeless Len Miku lent the nap room to. Imi!Len isn't that weirded out by seeing a catboy version of himself as he has no real concept of 'normal'. The two are on very different schedules, but get along fairly well when they do meet. Imi often buys Ash treats, and in return Ash thinks of Imi as 'his human'.

[ profile] ashes_sehsa: Rini is a very young Rin who spends most her time in cat form. Though she's part of the Trick and Treat twins 'family', she actually does care for 'LenLen' and considers him a brother. Despite the fact she's older and more mature than him, she makes Imi feel like a big brother, so he's pretty protective of her.

[ profile] emoetionless: Len met Kokoro!Rin when both were humans and the two became best friends over the course of the week. They crammed a lot of fun into those days and even though Rin's an unfeeling robot now, Len still cares for her deeply and looks forward to her getting a heart.

[ profile] littlebluesong: Gii is another good friend to Imi. She likes having adventures and seems to want to help him gain more life experiences and learn that way. Her family owns Len's favorite candy store too.

[ profile] markovfield: Len's second friend. Len met Teto through Rin-chan. She's a babybot like him and Rin and they had an excellent time at the slumber party. The two were highly impacted by Rin losing her heart.


[ profile] perfectvoice: The first Vocaloid Len ever met. At first things didn't go smoothly, but Miku's sweet ways are winning him over. He trusts her a lot now and sort of wants to ask about that 'Miku-nee' thing other Lens do.

[ profile] su_su_su_su: This Rin was the first fellow program Len met, and a fellow stammerer and psuedo!generic too. The two get along well when they do meet and have had a lot of fun with her road-roller and magic-cupcake fueled piggyback rides.

[ profile] platinum_kitty: Another young Vocaloid and a fellow derp. The two get along very well and Len still fondly remembers their quest to find out what 'moe' is.

[ profile] normalatlast: Kaito fed Len pot brownies during one event, and tried to protect Len from finding out the truth about his sister when in his glitched state during the next. Len doesn't remember the later, but has apparently gained someone who worries and cares for him a great deal.

[ profile] onlyyourservant: Regret Message's Rin's back from the dead brother. This SoE is a little weirded out by Imi, but seems really nice. He makes Imi feel guilty about being close to his sister. He also planted a banana tree for Imi. Awwww.

[ profile] lovesoulkaito: A fellow former program. This Kaito was very kind to Len and even calls him 'outoto'. Daww. He bought Len a banana tree as well.

[ profile] lovewordsmiku: Another fellow former program. This Miku insisted on being called 'Ku-chan' and called Len a friend.


[ profile] miraculost: Len hasn't spoken much to Doctor Kagamine, but he is best friends with his daughter and respects and likes his son a lot too. Imi!Len highly respects Doc!Len and wishes him lots of luck.

[ profile] ilikebigbuffs: A Priest and unofficial VDR librarian, this Gakupo strikes Len as being very nice. Plus he runs the library... where there's books! Perhaps one day both will bond over their love of reading, tea, and their Rin-based guilt issues.

[ profile] lemonyakita: The trolling goes right over Len's head. He thinks Nero seems pretty nice and the few times they've met it's gone pretty well.

[ profile] omnomoniichan: Miko and Ooka both seem very nice to Len. Since Miko is fairly close to his mental age, he feels comfortable around her and hopes to become more friendly with her in the future. He's helped her out a few times and wants to learn about manners with her.

[ profile] willsing4pasta: Hina was the first Utau Len really spoke to. He assured her that Vocaloids and Utau get along quite well (as far as he knows) and she in turn seemed impressed that he's a Kagamine Len. She has promised to take him sailing if it becomes possible.

[ profile] cowardsoftware: SONiKA and Len have a strange relationship. Sometimes they talk about emotions and relationships with humans, other times she trolls him and causes a system crash. Whoops?

[ profile] monkeyleveled: Something was odd about this Kaito, but Len's not sure what. He seems nice though. Len tried to wake up him during the event with an energy drink.

[ profile] totally_blue: Things always get cute when two derps get derpy together! Right, Kaito?

[ profile] i_am_lengend: Wow, this Len can make plants grow! He explained a lot about gardening to Imi and even gave him a potted plant off-thread. How kind!


[ profile] vocaloidiot: A fellow Vocaloid who lives on the bus. Len's not really sure what this Kaito thinks of him. All the straight-man humor and line facing goes over his head and makes him nervous. Their interactions do seem to be becoming more positive though, and Kaito was rather kind to him during their last meeting.

[ profile] tankhandsftw They haven't interacted much, really, but the few times they have Len's left with a confused yet positive feeling. Strangely, she doesn't seem to alarm him at all... likely because a) she told him she's not a ghost and b) he had to help her out once. A little.

[ profile] dasfangdango: Len annoys this Kaito, and in return isn't really that scared of him. He's not a ghost and probably sparkles. That's not scary at all!


[ profile] iluvbumblebee: A fellow Vocaloid who lives on the bus, but Len doesn't talk to her much. They did have a nice conversation about New Years resolutions.

[ profile] driveyouflat: The first Rin Len met. She was slightly trolly to him, but that went over his head. What he does remember is that she showed him his first roadroller, and let him try bananas and mikan. Thank you, Rin!

[ profile] tyrantess: This Daughter of Evil Rin seemed pretty nice, though they didn't talk long.

[ profile] whitesacrifice: Sayu gave him the means to repel ghosts and some advice. So kind! He still has the ofuda in his pockets, in fact.

[ profile] andthendeath: This Miku scared Len a lot when she showed up in his room covered in fake blood. Thankfully, she turned out to not be a ghost.

[ profile] c6h4cl2: Benz!Len taught Imi!Len some (not really all that true) things about Valentine's Day. In return, Benz actually doesn't want to kill Imi out of jealousy. Probably because Imi's the least threatening thing ever.

[ profile] lovestrategist: Spice!Len taught Imi a bit about the birds of the bees and got very startled when the young Vocaloid turned out to know all the wrong things about sex. This is all the fault of Master's weird porn collection.

[ profile] magneticism: This human Rin seemed nice, though her talking about her brother made Len feel kind of sad.

[ profile] akumalen: AkuMalen crashed Imi, but he seemed friendly enough. Let's never speak of their conversation again.

[ profile] kalinka524: This strange Miku teased him, but didn't seem that mean about it. Also, her breath smelled funny.

[ profile] binarydiva: Was this Miku kidnapped by ghosts and then re-kidnapped? Len's worried! He felt kind of bad when she was weirded out by his lack of a Rin, but she didn't seem cruel.

[ profile] orbyrook: Len showed Rook to the sign. Being helpful rocks! Too bad Rook forgot him. T_T

[ profile] spicedlove: This Spice!Len confused Imi during the event. What exactly did he lose?

[ profile] remonroboto: Len explained what happened during the event to this Kaito variant, and then weirded him out by explaining he used to be a program.

[ profile] protectus: This Servant of Evil didn't handle being a robot very well.

[ profile] beta_daisy: Lin was the first Kagamine variant Len met. She alarmed him a lot when she jumped out of a tree and said she was broken.

[ profile] pinkutau: Momo was one of the first people to hear Len sing in person. He'll never forget that.

[ profile] magneticallure: This human!Len was in a band? Cool! Imi wants to learn more about that.

[ profile] shopatfamima: THANKS FOR SHOWING ME WHERE TO BUY CANDY, MIKU! <3

[ profile] soundofasinger: This Piko seemed confused by the Dressing Room and didn't talk much.

[ profile] ninjindaisuki: This Gumi kindly offered to sing a duet with Len and seems to want him to be her sidekick and assist her in finding more Gumi.

[ profile] heyallahey: A strange Gakupo was found sleeping in the station one day.

[ profile] gumiya: Gumiya gave Len tasty food and offered to teach him cooking. How nice!

[ profile] alliamworth: Ren likes tea too? Neat!

[ profile] iwoulddie: Piko introduced Len to marshmallows. <3

[ profile] tentrackmind: Len explained the VDR to this very strange Gumi.

[ profile] gditlen: A fellow program. Len promised Rin he'd look for her Len. She meanwhile wasn't all that impressed with him.

[ profile] outdated_mirror: This generic Len was also not very impressed with his younger counterpart. But he did give some advice about standing up for what you believe in.

[ profile] vocabularyqueen: Len explained the VDR to Sophie and showed her where the library is. It's nice to meet a fellow book fan.

[ profile] rolling_boy: Len had a hard time convincing this producer!Mikuo that he wasn't a cosplayer and actually was a real Vocaloid in a robotic body.

[ profile] gdit_nico: A fellow program!Len. He seemed pretty nice, though things got awkward when the subject of Rin came up.

[ profile] demondealergirl: Wow, a quiet and kind Gumi? How surprising! She and Len talked about buildings and his new road-roller.

[ profile] nigaito: This Kaito variant is a fellow stutterer and also has someone dear to him who doesn't have a heart. The two have a lot they can bond over, next time they meet.

[ profile] icepopstar: Len met this Kaito in a meme, not sure about the canon status. But he seemed very nice and snuggly. They later went for ice-cream.

[ profile] doublerinbow: Len met this Rin in a meme, not sure about the canon status. But she seemed fairly nice. Though she's really confusing too.

[ profile] cnstructionzone: A Lily, but she didn't seem that scary. Her weird ray gun aside. Lily was fairly nice to Len considering he was kind of an emotional wreck at the time.


[ profile] noobbird: Thanks for biasing Len against other Gumi, Gumi. Seriously, 'negative' might be too strong of a word for it. But thanks to her, he woke up from a deep sleep. That's not very nice. T_T

[ profile] crushbutterfly: Scary almost!ghost girl freaked Len out badly one day.

[ profile] coughslashhack: Len gave Dell a lighter. Dell gave Len a coughing fit.

[ profile] mysteryin3d: Another noisy Gumi. And why was she mad at him?

[ profile] vocalo_idk: Teto trolled Len hard on April Fool's day.

[ profile] gdit_miku: This program Rin thought the best way to teach Len to not stammer was to hit him each time he did it. Ouch! On the other hand, she seemed to want to help him be more 'Len-like'...

[ profile] teddybunnything: There's something really wrong with Susu!Rin's teddy bear.

[ profile] goingtobed: If you don't like crying children you probably shouldn't insult them when in the middle of a scary insane asylum, Neru.


[ profile] akumarin: The AkuMarins keep cross-dressing Len, which he doesn't like. But they are Rins so he can't be mad at him. SO CONFUSING.

[ profile] stars_struck: BRS and Len have a strange relationship. She enjoys teasing (and sometimes trolling) him and he just freaks out a lot. He's been told by Miku that she's nice and sometimes she does act nice to him. Sooo confusing. :/

[ profile] flowerpond: Lily caught Len in a trap and dropped him out of a tree (thus hurting his knees) during their first meeting. She's been very kind since then, and seems to be trying to be big sister towards Len. He'll eventually stop being so tense/worried near her, promise!

[ profile] sf_a2_lience: She has constant error messages and seems be possessed/a body stealer/a victim of a body stealer. Miki scares Len very much and somehow each of their meetings have ended in disaster. She once arrested him for being a Len. *sob*

[ profile] flowerashes: Luka almost shot Len during their first meeting, but somehow he eventually got over his fear. He later attempted to help her fill a crater. She tormented him in the asylum, but he luckily doesn't remember that part.

[ profile] bairusu: Miku alarms Len a lot-- she's either a ghost or has a virus, either way she's scary.

[ profile] battlerinside: A Rin who dislikes herself and other Rins. WHAT DO?


[ profile] oideoide: Len thinks of him as family thanks to some cruel manipulation, but TaT!Len actually wishes to kill him. Once his sister is done with her new toy, of course. This Len was the first person Imi!Len met in his life. And absolutely the wrong person to confess not having a Rin to.

[ profile] bleedybee: Never be kind to a yandere. They'll end up falling for you. That said, Len's very confused by this Lily, but having it spelled out for him has finally convinced him he's in real danger from her. He'll likely seek help soon.

[ profile] treatandtrick: This Rin has convinced Len she cares for him and thinks of him as family. Really he's just a toy to her. A toy she'll eventually get bored with. Then it's time to throw it away. Like her brother, she finds Imi's lack of a Rin unacceptable.

[ profile] tastefortalent: The talent stealing boy may want to take Len's niceness. Oh noes!

[ profile] anti_c6h5cl: Anti!Rin was really bothered by Imi's lack of a Rin. Eek.


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